Noel Gallagher of Oasis fame released his debut single Monday from his first solo album. I like Noel’s new release and I like Beady Eye, brother Liam Gallagher’s solo outing, but I can’t get past the fact that like many things in life they were better together as Oasis. Fans say Liam is the better singer and Noel is the better songwriter. Together as Oasis they sold 50 million records, so far the new Beady Eye record is at 300,000 and Noel’s numbers remain to be seen.

My point here is that like so many others who are bound together in some way that just works, it’s just not the same apart. Is there anyone who prefers the Don or Phil Everly solo records over their work together? Lennon and McCartney, together or separate? Ray and Dave Davies or Kinks?

Yes, it can be a drag at times to work with the same person, and even more so if there happens to be a blood relation, but in the long run some things are just better together.

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