Formed long before the label “Americana music” was coined, the father and son rock and roll duo, the Spanic Boys, are considered to be among founding artists such as Los Lobos, Steve Earle, the Blasters and others who helped to define the genre.

“Their songs are not museum pieces, they are startling, infectious pieces of contemporary rock that show just how much can be accomplished with just two voices, two guitars and a crack rhythm section.”

– David Wild, senior editor, ROLLING STONE magazine

“The Spanic Boys are … sort of like George Harrison playing with Chuck Berry, with David Lowery and the Everlys on vocals – retro and rocking with lots of roots influence, but totally irreverent and original. Generations of rock ’n’ roll somehow come together beautifully in the Spanic Boys to form something really new.”

– Barbara Schultz, MIX Magazine

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