It Came From Nashville

Still busy working on the new record, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and is looking forward to the holiday season as much as I am. Our pal Webb Wilder and his long time bass player Tom Comet stopped by the studio to say hello the other day and it was great to visit for awhile. We first crossed paths with Webb back in ’86 when he had just released the classic album “It Came From Nashville.” If you haven’t heard it, do yourself a favor and check it out. One of my favorite instrumentals, “Ruff Rider” is on that album, and it features a great harmonica solo from Milwaukee’s own blues legend Jim Liban, just in case you ever have need for that obscure trivia fact. That’s about all for now but I’ll leave you with the Webb Wilder Credo: 

About Spanic Boys

The Spanic Boys have been playing their unique blend of American rock-and-roll for more than 25 years, and the father and son team of Tom and Ian Spanic are still rockin!
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3 Responses to It Came From Nashville

  1. Sean Oster says:


    I’m trying to get Webb back up to town for a show and want to have him play somewhere other than the smoky casino. I’m thinking Shank Hall for a co headlining bill. I bounced it off WW and he’s more than interested in it. Give it some thought and see if you’d want to work out the details.

    Sean Oster

  2. Jason Smith says:

    Hmmm. 15 months since last post? I, for one, would eagerly grab up a new record. Any news?

  3. Jeff Mason says:

    Please write some more. Miss reading you.

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